Panama Canal Transits

If you are interested in maritime engineering or you simply want to experience an iconic journey, the Panama Canal Transit should be high up your list of must-sails. This legendary canal is steeped with intrigue and blessed with exceptional scenery.

At Transshipping Agents, we are committed to providing all the services our clients need to transit through the Panama Canal with minimal interruptions.

As our clients travel through the Panama Canal, we take care of the administrative aspects of the charter (i.e. arranging canal transit bookings) so that they have as much time as possible to spend enjoying their trip.

As well as transit bookings, we offer our clients accurate proformas for the canal transit, all the most recent updates coming directly from the Panama Canal Authority (the branch of the Panamanian government in charge of overseeing all canal operations), vessel ETAs, and slot booking announcements.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Panama soon.